Will Mitt Romney appeal to empathizers or systemizers in his Republican National Convention speech?

August 27th, 2012 by Ravi Iyer

The Republican National Convention is going to take place this week and one of the stated goals of many republicans is to “humanize” Mitt Romney. It reminded me of this graph that I pulled from our yourmorals.org database which looks at systemizing vs. empathizing scores.  Based on work by Simon Baron-Cohen, the measure concerns how much one likes to analyze and construct systems as a way of understanding the world (e.g. being fascinated by how machines work) versus trying to understand social situations and empathize with others (e.g. I am quick to spot when someone in a group is feeling awkward and uncomfortable.).  Men (in general) tend to systemize, while women tend to empathize and this difference tracks rates of autism (Baron-Cohen’s main line of research), which strikes 4 males for every 1 female.  Men also tend to support Romney vs. Obama.

This graph shows the correlation between favorability ratings of potential 2008 presidential candidates and the difference between systemizing and empathizing scores for those candidates’ supporters.

Based on our libertarians research, we would have expected Ron Paul supporters to have the highest systemizing vs. empathizing scores and certainly his supporters do have a positive, and relatively high correlation.  It is similarly unsurprising that Hillary Clinton’s supporters in 2008 tended to be empathizers, or that Democrats generally tend to attract empathizers, rather than systemizers.  What surprised me, however, was that Mitt Romney’s supporters appear to have the highest systemizing vs. empathizing difference.  Does this reflect something intrinsic about Mitt Romney, or at least his image?  After watching some of the Sunday shows today, I think so.

Consider this quote from ABC’s This Week, by George Will, a conservative who observed that “with most politicians, the problem is their inauthenticity.  His (Romney’s) problem is that he is authentically what he is…he has a low emotional metabolism.  That’s who he is.  He can’t turn to the country and say I feel your pain because the pain isn’t his.  It’s other people’s.  What he can say is that I can fix your pain and that should be good enough for most people, unless we are electing a talk show host”.

Mike Huckabee said something similar on Fox News Sunday about likability being less important than technical skill.  These are perhaps inherent admissions by some of Mitt Romney’s supporters that his strength is in appealing to systemizers, and therefore, they would like frame the debate in those terms.  It will be interesting to see whether Mitt Romney aims his Republican National Convention nomination acceptance speech at empathizers or at systemizers.

-Ravi Iyer

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